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We had a record number of votes this year as CASA members from all over the world made their voices heard. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Favorite Pop/Rock Group

Winner: Sonos

Runner Up: Basix

Favorite Jazz Group

Winner: The Real Group

Runner Up: Cluster

Favorite Classical Group

Winner: The King’s Singers

Runner Up: Chanticleer

Favorite Doo-Wop Group

Winner: The Persuasions

Runner Up: The Alley Cats

Favorite R&B Group

Winner: Naturally 7

Runner Up: Nota

Favorite Barbershop Chorus

Winner: Westminster Chorus

Runner Up: Bay Area Showcase Chorus

Favorite Barbershop Quartet

Winner: Maxx Factor

Runner Up: Round Midnight

Favorite Religious Group

Winner: Voices of Lee

Runner Up: Testimony (Stanford)

Favorite Folk/World Group

Winner: Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Runner Up: Riltons Vanner

Favorite Comedy Group

Winner: Moosebutter

Runner Up: The Bobs

Favorite Contemporary A Cappella League Group

Winner: Red States

Runner Up: DeltaCappella

Favorite Male Collegiate Group

Winner: Beelzebubs (Tufts)

Runner Up: Accidentals (UGA)

Favorite Female Collegiate Group

Winner: Divisi (U of Oregon)

Runner Up: Out of the Blue (Duke)

Favorite Mixed Collegiate Group

Winner: Harmonics (Stanford)

Runner Up (tie): Amalgamates (Tufts) and Off the Beat (UPenn)

Favorite High School Group

Winner: 18 Wheelers (The Wheeler School)

Runner Up: Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High School)

Favorite Professional Album

Winner: “Sonosings” by Sonos

Runner Up: “Help!” by Overboard

Favorite Collegiate Album

Winner: “Play the Game” by Beelzebubs (Tufts)

Runner Up: “Shake the Poet” by Chordials (Cornell)

Favorite High School Album

Winner: “A Lesson in Tightropes” by 18 Wheelers (The Wheeler School)

Runner Up: “Crescendo” by ‘Til Dawn (Youth in Arts, Marin)

Favorite Male Vocalist

Winner: David Pinto from Nota

Runner Up (tie): Christoffer Brodersen from Basix and Nick Girard from Overboard

Favorite Female Vocalist

Winner: Jessica Freedman from Sonos

Runner Up: Ariel Arbisser from the Chordials (Cornell)

Favorite Vocal Percussionist

Winner: Jake Moulton from the House Jacks

Runner Up: Alex Koutzoukis from the Beelzebubs (Tufts)

Favorite Songwriter

Winner: Austin Willacy from the House Jacks

Runner Up: Erik Bosio from Cluster

Favorite Arranger

Winner: Deke Sharon from the House Jacks and Total Vocal

Runner Up: Christopher Given Harrison from Sonos

Favorite A Cappella Producer

Winner: Bill Hare from Bill Hare Productions

Runner Up: Ed Boyer from Ed Boyer A Cappella

Favorite A Cappella Event

Winner: SoJam

Runner Up: The Sing Off Finale (NBC)

Favorite A Cappella You Tube Video

Winner: Sleep by Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

Runner Up: Michael Jackson Medley by Sam Tsui

Favorite European A Cappella Group

Winner: Basix (Denmark)

Runner Up: Cluster (Italy)

Favorite Asian A Cappella Group

Winner: Robstar Lobster (Japan)

Runner Up: Redsoul (Korea)

Favorite Central/South American A Cappella Group

Winner: Nota (Puerto Rico)

Runner Up: Vocal Sampling (Cuba)

Favorite Oceanic A Cappella Group

Winner: Idea of North (Australia)

Runner Up: Suade (Australia)

Favorite African A Cappella Group

Winner: Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Runner Up: Soweto Gospel Choir

Favorite A Cappella Album Title

Winner: “… Sings Without Music, Vol II” by Firedrill!

Runner Up: “Diversity” by Basix

Favorite Medley

Winner: Michael Jackson Medly by Sam Tsui

Runner Up: “The Who Medley” by the Beelzebubs (Tufts)

Favorite A Cappella Song

Winner: “I Want You Back” as performed by Sonos

Runner Up: “Diversity” by Basix

Favorite Viva La Vida Rendition

Winner: Clef Hangers (UNC)

Runner Up: Buffalo Chips (SUNY Buffalo)

Favorite Gender-Bender Song/Solo

Winner: “I Want You Back” as performed by Sonos

Runner Up: “If I Ain’t Got You” as performed by Firedrill!

Favorite Live Performance Moment

Winner: Bobby McFerrin on the Sing Off Finale (NBC)

Runner Up: Jake Moulton’s turntables at SoJam

Favorite A Cappella Solo Project

Winner: Kid Beyond

Runner Up: Lilli Lewis

Favorite A Cappella Podcast

Winner: Mouth Off!

Runner Up: The Acapodcast

Most Cutting Edge Group

Winner (tie): Harmonics (Stanford) and Sonos

Favorite Arrangement

Winner: “Sound of Silence” by Charlie Forkish from the Harmonics (Stanford)

Runner Up: “I Want You Back” by Christopher Given Harrison from Sonos

Favorite Newcomer – Group

Winner: Nota

Runner Up: Sonos

Favorite A Cappella Fan

Winner: Line Carlsen (President of the Basix Fan Club)

Runner Up: Bryan Guffey


BBShop Catagories

There needs to be favorite Male and Female Barbershop Chorus and Quartet catagories like there are for Favorite Soloist or College A Cappella group. There are a lot of awesome quartets and choruses out there and they deserve an equal chance to shine.

That's a great idea! CASA

That's a great idea! CASA does not come up with the categories, though. Fans of a cappella music submit categories  before nominating even happens. If this is important to you, make sure to submit the categories next February!

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