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Just some normal 20-40 somethings going about their daily lives; work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep, then…ZZZzzaap! The Current has exploded into NYC with an electric buzz and they can’t wait to share their music with you.

Hailing from all over the US, these aca-nerds are no stranger to the scene. Current members include alumni from SUNY Binghamtonics, Columbia Clefhangers, SUNY Albany Serendipity and The Earth Tones, 8 to the Bar from Drexel University, UMD PandemoniUM, The BosTones, Déjà Blue, The Cleftomaniacs, AND the Harvard Opportunes. WHEW! With all these aca-fabulous backgrounds, it’s no wonder that the group has already blown up in the Big Apple, after only being formed 3 short years ago.

Inspired by NBC’s The Sing-Off, Managing Director, Larissa Jaye formed the group with former members and siblings from the SUNY Binghamtonics. A few months later they solidified their group name and purpose and then, over 110 auditions later, they became the group you “current”ly know and love.

If you ask Jaye what her favorite experience with The Current has been so far, she refers back to their audition for the popular show that inspired her in the first place:

“Saturday, May 17th of this past year was probably my own favorite day for The Current to date. We auditioned for The Sing-Off. We had really committed to the prep work, and we had rehearsed in a different way than we ever had before, and we had painstakingly picked out our outfits, and we had focused our branding, and we had decided who would say what, and we had gotten coached, and we had memorized our choreo…and so then by the time they called us in off the very early morning city sidewalk, we got to let go and just SING.”

They didn't appear on season 4, but that’s no big loss, as Jaye states:

“No matter the outcome, our whole experience felt so seamless, and right on, and it was such a validating boost for everything that we had put into it. So through all of this, of course we bonded – and that was the important part, really. That day, we felt like a 100% cohesive group to me, reaching another new level, totally together.”

The group is excited to join the Contemporary A Cappella League and hope to make an appearance at an a cappella festival in the near future. Keep one ear open for their first single – a cover of Adele’s “I’ll Be Waiting” – to be released this winter. Don’t expect them to be your typical cover-band style a cappella group though: filled with musicians, arrangers, and songwriters, you can bet you’ll hear some original music coming out of this group in the future.

If you can’t wait that long to get a taste of what The Current sounds like, check out the videos on their website: http://thecurrentnyc.com/video/

Follow them on twitter at @TheCurrentNYC, Facebook, and tell them @ACALeague sent you

About the writer:
Katelyn Marasco is the choir director at Wheatland-Chili High School in Scottsville, NY. She graduated from Nazareth College of Rochester with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education in 2009, and received her Master's degree in Music Curriculum and Instruction from SUNY Oswego in 2011. She is currently a member of co-ed CAL group Cut-Off, based in Rochester, NY.