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Gary Miller, CASA award winning writer, singer, producer, and recording engineer, sang his last  notes of harmony on Saturday March 12.   Gary was a founding member of Acappella Ministries contemporary Southern Gospel group Vocal Union.  He sang bass for Acappella and was the chief recording engineer, songwriter and producer for many of The Acappella Ministries albums since 1994.

A memorial service for Gary will be held Wednesday in Paris, TN at the Sulphur Wells Church of Christ. 

From Acappella:

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend, Gary Miller. He sang bass for Acappella and for Vocal Union. He was a gifted songwriter and engineer who blessed so many with his Christlike attitude and example. Please lift up his family in prayer and thank G-d for blessing us with Gary.

From one of the members of Vocal Union regarding Gary's last day:

We all had a very happy morning and early afternoon laughing, teaching, singing, and preparing. He had no complaints (not that he would have complained anyway), and when he went to be with Jesus, everything points to him having done so without pain.

Yesterday, (Saturday) after the master class, Mike Beck, Gary, and I picked up the mics and started playing around on stage singing old Company songs. We only had a moment before we had to leave for the rec' center. We started with "The La Song," then "More," and then we moved to what we now know was the last song Gary would ever sing on Earth: "Teaching the Truth in Love." I'm honored to have sung that song with him..

A Facebook page has been set up for people to share memories and condolences with Gary's family:


Sometime today there will be a link at http://www.vocalunion.com/ to donate to his family.

Announcement on wcmt.com: 




RIP, Gary

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