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Students showing CDs they received from Tunes To Teens

In March 2018, we ended the Tunes to Teens program.

Below is a list of some of the CDs that Tunes To Teens sent to choruses:

The Nylons - Fabric of Life : men's pop
Hot Lips - The Vocal Band Sampler : pop/rock
DeCadence - Hot Burn : mixed collegiate pop
Almost Recess : pop
BOCA 2002: Best of College A Cappella : pop, various college groups
BOHSA 2002 & 2004: Best of High School A Cappella : pop, various high school groups
Coastline Show Chorus : women's barbershop
Afterglow 2 - Ladies Night : women's barbershop

If you have any questions about Tunes To Teens, email Chris Tess at tunestoteens@casa.org

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