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Hello All! I wanted to let you know that there is still 24 days left to help out the Eldred Key Elements in their efforts to raise money for their 1st ever recording experience.

I would like to take the time to thank Robert Dietz for including us in one of his blog postings. It is truly an honor, an amazing talent. Over the course of the 2 weeks, the students have raised just under $1600, well below the $7000 goal we set. We have until April 2 to raise $7000. Here is what is in it for us...

First- $4000 would go to recording/mixing and mastering

Second- $1000 for liscensing fees

Third- $2000 for duplication expenses

That makes $7000... and it would be the first ever opportunity for the students. We are a small town where less than 700 students attend the district K-12. Funding is being cut everywhere and for a small community with not a lot of outlets, the kids work hard and excel in music. This is the big reason we are asking for your help!

Whats in it for you...

There are a slew of pledge brackets for you... ranging from $1 up to $400. The lowest amount would get you a track from our project once completed and it gets better from there... We are talking personal concerts, DESIGN THE CD ARTWORK, physical and digital copies of the CD, personalized thank you videos, original jingles for your business, just to name a few...

Think of this... if everyone on CASA donated $5-$10 each... the group could not only reach its goal, but practically double it!!! All it takes is that one step to help make a difference.

The link is below for you to pledge today.