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"Once in a Lifetime Opportunity"

We currently have a program where it allows performers to open for the Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockettes in NYC. You would get 5 minutes to perform a capella on the stage, I know your following is huge and I know people would be blown away. It would just need to be holiday themed. I am hoping that you guys will consider this. It is a brand new show with a full crowd every show (over 6000 people) You get announced on the famous stage, pictures are taken and there will be a DVD for each group. First come first serve If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I hope to hear from you.

For More Information : KELLY.CLAYDON@MSG.COM

Steps needed to take :

1- Send me an email so I can let you know what dates we have available

2- Send in an audition tape (5 minutes of a capella , holiday themed song)

3- Once approved, will get your tickets set up for you.

4- Tickets are $68 or $78 ( minimum of 75 people) , you would be surprised how quickly those spots get filled

5- You step foot to perform the your talent & we will give you a DVD, as a memory

6- Book today for unforgettable experiance!!!!


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