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Students showing CDs they received from Tunes To Teens

In March 2018, we ended the Tunes To Teens program.

We appreciate the positive feedback we've gotten from students and directors who have participated in Tunes To Teens over the years. They have given us permission to share their comments with you.

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the CD I received through the program. I have had a great time listening to it. I think this is a fantastic program! Keep it up!"

    Student, Sidwell Friends School Chamber Chorus
    Washington, DC

"I want to let you know what a success the CDs have been. I had been a bit mystified as to what the reaction would be, but soon the CD player on the deck was playing the Nylons (this IS Canada you know!) and then STREETNiX and then the college and high school groups as everyone wanted to share what they had received. I'm sure they will do as you had hoped--create, enliven and encourage an interest in a capella singing in our young singers as they move on to high school. Thanks again for including us in this marvelous project!"

    Ken Henderson
    Director, Truro Junior High Vocal Ensemble
    Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Thank you for all of the CDs! My kids LOVE them! We are using them in an evaluation program on Fridays. Students bring their CDs in and play their favorite song off of that CD. Then the chorus evaluates both the performance and the arrangement. It's a lot of fun! Thanks again! "

    Jenny Gordon
    Director, Landrum Middle School and High School choruses
    Landrum, SC

"The students have been presenting their favorite songs from each CD in class and it has been a lot of fun to hear their reactions to the music. They love it! They were really excited to hear other high school groups doing some great a cappella. I believe they have truly been inspired. One of my students even decided to make arranging an a cappella piece part of his senior project. Thanks so much for all of your support."

    Tamara Cox
    Director, Serrano High School choruses
    Phelan, CA

"My instructor handed out these Tunes To Teens CDs within our group to swap and trade with each other after listening to each one. The CD I received was The Best of High School A Cappella: Class Notes '98. I absolutely loved it.
I also think that this program is really terrific, giving teens a chance to experience a different kind of musical style than they're used to. So, thank you for this brilliant program and the chance for me personally to be exposed to a style of music I've never been introduced to before."

    Student, Westbrook High School Chamber Singers
    Westbrook, ME

"Our cds arrived, and it was just like Christmas! I discussed each cd, what type of group it was and some song titles, and then the fun began! The ripping of celophane commenced and they all started looking for the nearest cd player.
We will be sharing in class this way: after each student has listened to their cd, they will share one with the class and discuss something about it - why they chose it, style, performer, etc.
This is a great idea, and I know it will have the effect I am hoping for - to generate more interest and development of acappella vocal jazz singing in our school. "

    Jane Vanderhoff
    Teacher, Garden City High School Applied Music Class
    Garden City, KS

"I explained your program and passed out the CDs today. Of course, they were thrilled. Thank you so much!"

    Courtney Birch
    Director, Sidwell Friends School Chamber Chorus
    Washington, DC

"Thank you very much for the wonderful CDs. I let the kids choose their own, and the level of interest was extremely high. We listened to a few songs before we started our rehearsal (The Nylons proved to be quite popular), and the kids will bring in particular songs over the coming weeks which they think the class will enjoy. Your program has had the desired effect: every kid was intrigued and excited to get a new cd of a cappella music, and that is very, very neat."

    Molly Deich
    Director, New Brighton Middle School 8th Grade Advanced Choir
    Capitola, CA

"I wanted to thank you for starting Tunes To Teens. I received the CD Wonders of the World by Five O'Clock Shadow. I think a cappella music is so neat because everybody does it a little differently. I've actually listened to it quite a bit, and I think it's cool to hear the unique style of Five O'Clock Shadow and the distortion they use. Thank's again for starting this great program!!"

    Student, Westbrook High School Chamber Singers
    Westbrook, ME

"I got the BOCA '97 and '98 CD, and I absolutely love it. I am in a high school based acapella group myself, and the CD has given me some ideas and motivation! Thanks so much."

    Student, Sidwell Friends School Chamber Chorus
    Washington, DC

If you have any questions about Tunes To Teens, or if you would like to participate, email Chris Tess at tunestoteens@casa.org

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