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This summer marks the 20 year anniversary of the inception of the Hyannis Sound. Formed in 1994, Cape Cod’s boys of summer get together every year starting Memorial Day weekend, and serenade the community with weekly shows and various other events around the New England area throughout the summer months. Getting into the group is no easy task - hundreds of collegiate males are auditioning for just a few available slots in the 10-member group, and the talent is definitely high. With such a prestigious reputation, it’s no surprise that many graduates of the Hyannis Sound stay involved in the a cappella community in a number of ways. Below are just a handful of the many alumni and some of the cool things that they have worked on or are currently a part of!

Roopak Ahuja (2000-2002): In addition to the Hyannis Sound, Roopak’s renowned list of groups he has been a part of include the well-known The House Jacks, and currently MO5AIC which is in the midst of a 12-month residency at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Nathan Altimari (1996, 1998): Nate founded Firedrill! in 2005 and now sings with his new group, Dorothy Mantooth and The Saints. Nate is a working a cappella recording engineer and arranger and teaches voice acting with Creative Voice Development Group in Albany, NY where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Alfredo Austin (2008-2010): Post-Hyannis Sound, Fredo spent some time singing with the Boston-based group Overboard and is currently one of the five members of The Exchange. The Exchange toured with the Backstreet Boys in Europe and their most recent music video for “Kerosene” can be seen here!

Noah Berg (2012-2013): After leaving the Hyannis Sound and moving to NYC, Noah started singing with co-ed a cappella group Blackout where he is already serving as musical director and is also involved as an editing engineer and arranger with the Liquid 5th team.

Tim Bongiovanni (2004-2007): Tim has been actively involved in studio production ever since his final year in the Hyannis Sound. He founded Northgate Productions based just outside of Boston and has worked on several albums including the CARA award-winning “Hold That Thought” by Fermata Town.

Ed Boyer (2003-2004): There’s not much in the a cappella field that Ed hasn’t done. His extensive list includes work on the Pitch Perfect movie, mixing for The Sing-Off as well as several groups from the show including Pentatonix, the Backbeats, and the Committed, arranging and co-recording for the Warblers (via the Bubs) on Glee, and numerous other projects. You can take a look at his full list here.

James Caran (1997-1999): James has been the FoH engineer for Naturally 7 since 2011. Naturally 7 is definitely a heavy hitter in the a cappella field, having performed on The Ellen Show and as special guests of Coldplay in 2012. They are currently on tour with Michael Buble for most of 2014, and will be traveling across the U.S. as well as internationally.

Samrat Chakrabarti (1997-2001): Samrat is a former member of Five O’Clock Shadow. He also happens to have an extensive filmography list, appearing in a number of movies, TV shows, and shorts since 2003.

Jeff Eames (2007-2010): Jeff also sang with Overboard after leaving the Hyannis Sound, and has founded Eames Audio, which offers studio production as well as arranging and workshops.

Colin Egan (2011-2012): After serving as musical director of the Hyannis Sound, Colin moved to New York City and is currently an audio producer, engineer, arranger, and founder of Five Spice Records.

Nate Tao (2008-2010): Nate has been doing lots of solo work but is also part of The Funx, a five member group that was formed in 2011 and that released an EP with tracks since featured on Voices Only and Sing. Although not specific to a cappella, you may also recall that he had a brief stint on a little show called American Idol back in early 2013. He regularly releases Youtube covers and other videos of his performances, which you can find on his website here.

Tyler Trepp (2006-2007): Although Tyler was not part of the original incarnation of Straight No Chaser, he was in the collegiate group and has now been singing with the professional SNC since 2009. Straight No Chaser’s most recent album, “Under the Influence,” was released in May of 2013 and includes guest appearances from Sara Bareilles, Phil Collins, Elton John, and more!

Judd Tomaselli (1994-1995): Judd was also a singer in Firedrill! for many years, and more recently has been singing with Boston-based group Five O’Clock Shadow.

In addition to the men in the a cappella field, there are even more alum who have remained in music scene as a whole. Some of those include Cooper Cerulo, Andrew DeLong, Jim Hogan, Mike Hubbard, Liam Fennecken, and Matt Knowland in various ways such as musical theatre, cruise ship performing, solo singer/songwriters or performing with a band, and working as arrangers. Micah Christian has even made an appearance this year on America’s Got Talent as the singer with musical quartet Sons of Serendip! Although Hyannis Sound alumni have ended up all over the country, almost all of the 86 former members will be in attendance at the show and it will be great to watch them perform and see how they all have evolved over the years!

The Hyannis Sound 20th reunion concert will be on Saturday, August 2nd at 7:00pm at the Barnstable High School in Hyannis, MA. General admission tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for seniors and kids under 18. To learn more about the Hyannis Sound, please check out their website at www.hyannissound.com!

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As a musician Jessica started at an early age, playing piano and flute throughout her childhood, but she discovered singing and a cappella during high school and was immediately hooked. In college she sang with and directed the Boston University Allegrettos, doing most of the arranging as well as producing an album, and sang with friends in her hometown during the summers in Henry Fonda & the Falsettos. As a post-grad she has continued to arrange for various collegiate and high school groups. Some of her other interests include Boston sports and all dogs, ever.