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The Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, membership-driven organization.  In our efforts to foster and promote contemporary a cappella music around the world, we have partnered with numerous vendors for discounts, gathered and digitized a wide range of educational resources and materials, and introduced  unique member-only privileges and opportunities as part of our benefits package for all CASA members.

Whether you are an individual singer, group member, avid a cappella fan, and/or devoted educator, CASA has membership offerings that will be helpful to you as you share and spread your love of vocal music:

The high-level information is below. Click on a specific membership level to see the complete list of privileges, resources, and discounts.

Privileges:  From expanded access to our website to voting and judging opportunities in our A cappella Community Awards (ACAs) and Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs) to a FREE download of our incredible Sing compilation every year, the perks of being a CASA member allow singers and fans alike to listen, learn, and know more about a cappella, our organization, and the rich, rapid growth of vocal music around the world.

Resources:  Are you an a cappella or vocal music educator?  A seasoned group director?  Or perhaps you just joined your very first a cappella group?  Become a member and let CASA be your one-stop shop as you develop in the areas of vocal technique, live performance, recording and album production, group management, and much more.  Sign up for our Tunes To Teens outreach program, visit our A Cappella Originals Library to listen to a lecture at the CASAcademy, and kick your a cappella growth into high gear!

Discounts:  CASA partners with vendors all around the country to offer tangible financial incentives for individuals and groups to become members of our organization.  You can receive discounts on studio album production, web and print design, arranging services, web hosting, and CD duplication.  CASA also offers discounted admission to its festivals around the country and two top-notch recording seminars: "Soup To Nuts" and "A cappella Boot Camp".  For these reasons, CASA membership will not only make your group better through education resources and privileges but SAVE YOU MONEY on a yearly basis for making your own investments into the offerings of our organization and partners.

For a full list of discounts, please visit our Membership Discounts page.

The pricing structure for CASA membership is as follows:

Individual membership - $35/year
General group membership - $30/year
(per member)
CAL group membership - $25/year (per member)
Professional membership - $50/year (per member) 

Full groups who sign up for membership receive additional discounts and resources not available to individuals.  CAL groups (http://www.casa.org/league) also receive these benefits, as well as several extra perks for being part of CASA's expanding network of organization-affiliated a cappella groups. 

To purchase an individual CASA membership, please click here
If you would like to purchase a CASA group membership, click here.
If you would like to purchase a CAL group membership, click here.
If you would like to purchase a Professional membership, click here

CASA is always looking to expand its membership offerings to individuals and groups alike.  If you have questions about CASA membership, suggestions for potential membership benefits, or are interested in having your business partner with CASA to offer discounts/incentives, please email CASA's Membership Director, Zakk Wooten: zakk@casa.org.