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June is here, which means hibernation for many college groups, the end of Game of Thrones and Mad Men, and summertime! Oh, and some a cappella news as well.

If you have news you would like to submit for a future update, or are interested in helping us compile these regular updates, please email us at: news@casa.org

In any event, here’s some of the news you may have missed in June:


The first Camp A Cappella, geared towards high school students and featuring staff including Kari Francis (Kinfolk 9 and Musae), Kurt Zimmerman (Eleventh Hour and Street Corner Symphony), Ben Spalding (director of Centerville HS’s Forte), and many others, took place June 11 to 15 at The Ohio State University. Co-organizer Deke Sharon reports that it was a big success, with 100 attendees (including teens and high school directors) and performances by several groups including Street Corner Symphony and Eleventh Hour from The Sing-Off. The camp will expand next year to include adults of all ages as well as complete groups.

The relatively new Women’s A Cappella Association held its first “SheSings” festival on June 21-23 in Eugene, Oregon. Headliners included Musae and Julia Easterlin, the showcase concert featured Honey Whiskey Trio, UC’s Men in Drag, UO’s Divisi, Oregon State’s Divine, the Oregon Children’s Choir’s a cappella ensemble Synergy, and The Riveters. You can learn more about these groups here. Workshops were led by members of Musae, Julia Easterlin, Peter Hollens, Evynne Hollens, Ben Stevens, Lisa Forkish, and others.

RARB is now accepting submission of digital singles for review. Your group can submit them here.

The Vocal Company has announced a series of “Next Level” workshops which are kicking into high gear, with “Next Level 2” (focused on recording and production) running the week of June 23, “Next Level Songwriting” beginning on June 30, “Next Level LIVE” beginning on July 24, and “Next Level Arrangements” beginning on August 4. You can find out more on their website here.

Albert Hera, who has worked with Bobby McFerrin and others, led the Circle Songs workshop with the London Vocal Project. There will be another one in Rhinebeck, NY, with McFerrin himself, in late August which you can learn more about here.

Bobby McFerrin participated in a “Talks at Google” session in which he performed music from his new “SpiritYouAll” album and answered questions, made sounds, and generally entertained.

VoCALnation announced the performers for the showcase events, which include Fermata Town and Cognitive Resonance on Saturday night and Vox Pop, Restated, Euphonism, and others on Friday night. Also, Jim Diego did a Tweetchat on June 19 addressing how to start or join a CAL group.

AcappellaFest is accepting applications for workshop clinicians until June 28. The application is here.

The Huffington Post featured a video of our a cappella “national anthem”, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

The Creative Vocal Lab and Choral Conservatory is an a cappella camp for 7th-12th graders in upstate New York which is happening this summer. You can read more about it in Amy Malkoff’s interview with lead instructor Evan Feist here.

The Vocal Blog featured a series of posts this month from Morton Mosgaard about improvisation, the most recent of which is right here.


British group The Boxettes have finished their new EP, “No Strings,” and made it available to their PledgeMusic donors. The rest of you will just have to wait to hear the awesomeness.

A Cappella Records released albums this month from college groups BU In Achord, Northwestern Brown Sugar, GW Troubadours, and The Harmonics (Stanford University) and also music from AverageJonas, The Vocaholics, Vocaldente, Peter Hollens, and A Cub Bella. You can check out the full list with links here.


Wibi, one of the first a cappella groups (at York University) in Toronto, celebrated its 25th anniversary recently. Dylan Bell wrote about the group for CASA.org right here.

Also on CASA.org, Andrea Asuaje sat down to interview Rockapella’s Jeff Thacher about the group’s move to Motown music and their recent album and video.

Musae announced that though their audition for America’s Got Talent garnered 3 votes for them to move on to Las Vegas, they decided not to go after discovering unacceptable issues with the contract. Congrats, nonetheless, and keep up the great work ladies!

Line6 released an article discussing MO5AIC’s use of Line6 gear including mixer, speakers, and wireless mics.

Duwende continued their YouTube campaign to make great versions of mediocre songs with a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Make it Happen.”

The ladies of Stiletta (NYC) have released their first video, “Heartless Love Lockdown,” on Facebook which you can find on their musician/band page here.  Wow.

The Exchange have finally wrapped up a worldwide tour that took them to 3 continents (Australia, Asia, Europe) over five months. Welcome back to the States guys, and we’re all ready to see you perform in your home country real soon.

[photo: Deke Sharon and campers @ Camp A Cappella]

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