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September means schools everywhere are back in session! This is particularly relevant considering the a cappella education news this month.

In any event, here’s what you may have missed in September:

News **Education Edition**

The biggest news this month has been the introduction and publicity push for the A Cappella Education Association, led by president J.D. Frizzell, Director of Fine Arts and Director of Vocal Music at Briarcrest Christian School. Frizzell offered some background on the AEA for the Vocal Blog (here), and he, Ben Spalding, and Brody McDonald spoke with Matt Warren from Acatribe (here) as well. If you wish to help the AEA get off the ground, you can support them on Crowdtilt here.

Also in education news this month, The Vocal Company’s acappellaEd program launched its first program in Richmond, VA on September 21 with another coming October 19 in Orlando, FL, and Clear Harmonies Production’s The A Cappella School begin their seminars in Rockville, MD, on October 3.

Other News

MO5AIC announced that they will begin a 12-month residency at the LVH- Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) featuring a 70-minute show in the 350-seat Shimmer Cabaret showroom.

Applications for the SING 10 compilation were accepted up until September 30. The information for submission was available here.

Voting for the A Cappella Community Awards (ACAs) is available to registered users of casa.org through October 1 right here.   

CASA is looking for a volunteer program manager and treasurer. You can find more information about both posts here.

The lovely ladies of Stilleta will be involved with a benefit concert for breast cancer research on November 2 in Westchester, NY. More info, including ticket information, here.

The arranging contest for the SoJam collaborative recording closes October 7. More info here.

CASA interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning composer (for an a cappella piece) Caroline Shaw. The interview is up here.

September saw noteworthy video releases from Postyr Project, Street Corner Symphony, Jaded, VoicePlay, Voices In Your Head (featuring Avi Kaplan), and others.


The Swingle Singers released their new album “Weather to Fly” everywhere but the United States (or so it seems). It is expected to appear online for American acafans in early October.

Pitch Slapped from Berklee College of Music released their new album “Good Life,” available on iTunes and here.

You can always find out more about other college album and track releases through Loudr here.

Chicago musician, producer, and former a cappella singer Matt Ryd passed away on August 4 after a difficult battle with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. Some alumni of the annual Soup to Nuts seminar with Bill Hare that knew Ryd arranged and recorded a version of his song “Healed.” It is available for purchase (proceeds benefit the National Eating Disorders Association and the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) here.


Apologies to any groups/news we missed, but remember- the best way to ensure we include you is to email us at news@casa.org .

About the writer:
Dave Bernstein is the founder of NYU's all-male group Mass Transit, a former music director of the Potsdam Pointercounts, and (sadly) current member of no a cappella group. After studying music business in college, Dave co-founded Liquid Productions, a small recording studio in Long Island, New York, which produced a handful of collegiate recordings, demos, and commercial projects before going under. Eventually, he went back to law school where he worked for the famed Innocence Project. He currently works as a public defender in New York. In October 2011, he started acatribe.com, a blog devoted to news, analysis, and general love for all things a cappella.  In summer 2012, he joined The Recorded A Cappella Review Board as a reviewer.  He continues to sing in various classical choirs in the New York metropolitan area, and hopes to someday rejoin the active ranks of the post-collegiate a cappella community.