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Today we talked about stage presence, then interviewed Jonathan Minkoff- a veritable whirlwind of aca-activity- about the SingStrong festival, singing with Blue Jupiter and reviewing albums for RARB. Hear it at http://wunh.org/station/archives/104097!

The Voice Box

  1. JHU Octopodes - Tragic Kingdom (Shot of Blue)
  2. MAUF - Freedom
  3. Five O'Clock Shadow - Few and Far Between
  4. Four Shadow - Better Than This
  5. Hyannis Sound - We All Need Saving (We All Need Saving – Single)
  6. Firedrill! - Satan is My Motor (Sings without Music, Vol. 2)
  7. Brandeis Voicemale - Don't Stop Me Now (Suit Up)
  8. Toxic Audio - Can't Win
  9. Sonos - Come Here Boy (Sonosings)
  10. S.T.C. - Revocation (f. Pete Hollens)
  11. Wonder Voice - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
  12. Firedrill! – Panama (Sings without Music, Vol. 2)
  13. Not Too Sharp - Chasing Cars (Shifting Gears)
  14. Eight Beat Measure - Doug Theme Song (No Safety Nets
  15. Bobby McFerrin - Ave Maria (f. the crowd)
  16. Eclipse - Live it On Up

Coming soon: April 15th a live-in-studio performance from Plumbers of Rome!

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