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So I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a words project.

In A Cappella we use so many syllables and words to represent instruments, mean something or they come from the Text of the solo. I thought it would so interesting to take the concept of backing vocals and make them all melodies of words. The interesting part would happen when the mixing comes into play to create an overarching melody comprised of all of the different voices singing certain lines. It wouldn’t necessarily have to make much sense but would be more of a tone poem in a very strong sense of the term because of the word and tonal relationship.

This is just my first thought of the Words Project as I plan on calling it. This first project will consist of taking images with words on them and giving the vocalists a key, tempo and length of the song. They take the words on the image and create a line of music that can be repetitive or whatever they like as long as it fits within the given guidelines. The only real “rule” is that they must use only those words.

If you want to be involved, e-mail me and I will send you your image. When you e-mail me, please tell me your name and voice-part so I can properly credit you in the finished product.