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Finally. After a hiatus/cancellation, a blockbuster Pitch Perfect movie, sold-out Harmony Sweepstakes and International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella shows and almost two years to the day when Pentatonix won the Sing Off crowd (720 days to be exact), NBC has announced the lineup for season four of The Sing-Off. The Sing-Off scours the country in search of the best a cappella groups to compete for a chance to walk away a Sony Music recording contract and $100,000.

While many are buzzing about the groups, and there are some familiar faces to many in the a cappella community, not much has been said about the new format this year.

New to the executive producer chair this year is Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, The Bible and 2004 Time Magazine ‘100 Most Influential People’). And Burnett has added a new twist. At the end of every show, the judges’ bottom two groups will face off in the “Ultimate Sing-Off.” Every night at least one group will be eliminated.

And which groups are in the mix? We have your 10 Sing-Off season four groups below, with a first take from CASA Insiders. Feel free to add Nick Lachey’s standard “… are you … Sing-Off champs” after each.

Element (all-female)
location: New York City
site: https://www.facebook.com/Elementvocals

NBC says: “This all-female group brings a New York attitude to the stage. They all work day jobs and pursue their showbiz dreams in the concrete jungle during their time off. These powerful female voices hope to bring a buzz to the a cappella world.”

We say: Shockingly, this is the first NYC group to be on The Sing-Off. Hopefully their addition can help the show gain traction in the largest media market in the world where the show has traditionally struggled. As a brand new group, including stalwarts the Executive Board’s/Jaded A Cappella’s Rachel Chalhoub and Johanna Vinson of Delilah, it remains to be seen if this group are gems, holograms or misfits. And either way they have huge shoes to fill in the legacy of amazing all-female Sing-Off groups; we can’t wait to hear their music.

Princeton Footnotes (collegiate all-male)

location: Princeton, NJ
site: http://www.princeton.edu/~footnote/

NBC says: “A 50-year-old tradition is holding strong with this Ivy League group - classically trained, perfectly polished and technically great. Although they stick to tradition, they also like to mix a modern flair.”

We say: This is perhaps one of the most artfully deceptive statements from NBC. Well done. Don’t let their Ivy League background fool you. They are famous on campus for their “arch sings”, singing anything from fun. to Prince to ‘Strip Polka.’ You might remember them for their appearance on the very first Best Of College A Cappella with a jazzy cover of Al Jarreau’s “Boogie Down.” If they can make it to the later rounds, the Footnotes have a number of Christmas classics to melt hearts and wow judges.

University of Kentucky AcoUstiKats (collegiate all-male)

location: Lexington, KY
site: http://finearts.uky.edu/music/acoUstiKats

NBC says: “This collegiate group has been serenading sorority girls all over the University of Kentucky campus, but now it's their time to make it on the big stage. With their southern charm they hope to win over America's hearts.”

We say: All-male collegiate groups have traditionally excelled in The Sing-Off. The acoUstiKats – get it? UK? – seem to be heirs to that crown. Outside of The Sing-Off they have a rumored collaboration with season three champs Pentatonix. And these big men on campus are already showing their southern swagger with packed Kentucky concerts.

Voice Play (mixed)
location: Winter Park, FL
site: http://thevoiceplay.com

NBC says: These three best friends have been together since high school and expanded their group to six, added the influence of a female voice. They toured the U.S. and ended up back in Orlando performing before auditioning for The Sing-Off. This pop-inspired group blends the male and female voices perfectly.

We say: Three best friends from high school add voices and then success? NBC? Pentatonix much? Is this a hint? After you hear this sextet, you’ll wonder why (like Pentatonix) what took them so long. Their new vocalists add so much to the sound.

The Filharmonic (all-male)
location: Los Angeles, CA
site: https://www.facebook.com/TheFilharmonic

NBC says: “This locally based group is made up of male Filipino singers. Their knack for '90s R&B, mixed with their Filipino culture, is sure to bring a new twist to the music of the past.”

We say: You had us at hello. On paper, this looks like a winner. At CASA’s Boston Sings festival, show producers made mention of a Filipino group that they couldn’t get to audition previously. Is this them?

Home Free (all-male)
location: Mankato, MN
site: http://www.homefreevocalband.com/home/page.html

NBC says: “This all-male group has already been on the road touring the country and the transcontinental journeys have made them all very close. Their years of performance experience add to their refreshing country sound.”

We say: Home Free is by far the most experienced group this season. This will give the boys a leg up in one of the more grueling aspects of the show – learning arrangements fast. Their country sound and country fair stories should also resonate with a key demographic of The Sing-Off fan base.

OSA Vocal Rush (mixed, high school)
location: Oakland, CA
site: https://www.facebook.com/osavocalrush

NBC says: “The youngest group in the competition is a force to be reckoned with. They have won the high school a cappella groups' international championship two years in a row. Their pop and R&B influence are sure to put a spin on modern chart-topping hits.”

We say: This is the most highly-decorated scholastic contemporary a cappella group of the past two years. Name an a cappella award short of a Grammy and they won it. The group is directed by the very capable hands of Lisa Forkish (The Women’s A Cappella Association, The Riveters and UOregon Divisi) so worries of an early fade are diminished. Still, younger groups haven’t fared well on the show.

Calle Sol (mixed)
location: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
site: https://www.facebook.com/callesolpr (not a page, but a personal profile)

NBC says: "From the island of Puerto Rico, this group of six professional musicians has only been together for a few short months. Their Latin style is sure to bring a flare to the competition."

We say: Comparisons to season one champs, Nota, may happen however, sonically this group could not be more different. With four women and two men, their original sound and extensive choreography might just take them places.

Ten (mixed)
location: Dallas, TX

NBC says: “Many of these eclectic artists have experienced traveling with professionals in well-known bands. Their group leader brought them together. The gospel influence and impressive backgrounds produce a perfected sound.”

We say: Goodness. Wait until America gets a load of this. Eclectic doesn’t do them justice. Ten brings to the stage perhaps the biggest sound in season four. But as yet another brand new group this season, it’s unclear if they can mesh their individual talents successfully. However, like The Collective before, we think this is a group to watch.

Street Corner Renaissance (all-male)

location: Los Angeles, CA
site: http://www.streetcornerrenaissance.com/

NBC says: “This soulful group put aside their dreams of becoming musicians to raise their families. Now it's time to shine. Their roots are in doo-wop and they strive to pay homage to this classic sound.”

We say: Not to be confused with Street Corner Symphony – and if you confuse them we would have bigger problems – SCR has also been performing in one iteration or another for a number of years. As they often remind their audiences: “before there was hip hop, there was doo wop!” If they are able to fit their style into the show’s demands, they will be a force.

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