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There are sports camps and church camps. Girl Scout/Boy Scout camps and band camps. As it turns out, there are lots of a cappella camps out there, too. Some have been around for a long time and some are new, but one thing is for sure, there’s a camp out there for everyone. Chances are you can find a camp near where you live, but if not, that’s okay. Many people travel far and wide to participate.

For many people, one of the best things about these camps is meeting new people and rubbing elbows with industry greats. Holly Gyenes (on Facebook) says “...Camp A Cappella is THE BOMB. It's an awesome week (one for high school and one for adults) filled with nothing but a cappella, learning, and meeting new people. It gives people all over the country a chance to be a part of…their own group, meet new friends, and attend masterclasses from professionals in the a cappella world.”

As Holly mentioned, adults are in luck! Many of these camps welcome grown-ups as well as kids and young adults.

The A Cappella School

Location: Washington, DC Metro Area, Rockville, MD
What they offer: 8 weekly sessions for ages 9-18. Learn the basics with a performance at a professional concert at the end. TAS also offers seminars and lectures for adults on a variety of subjects.
Instructors include: Johanna Horn, Charlie Friday, Amanda Cornaglia, Jeeves Murphy, Chris Abramson
Next Camp: Thursdays from January 16-March 6. Final concert March 15

Camp A Cappella

Location: Dayton, OH
What they offer: A cappella sleep-away camp! In 1 week you’ll sing songs from The Sing-Off and Pitch Perfect with a large ensemble, craft and perfect a performance with a small ensemble, and “major” in the aca-subjects of your choosing.
Instructors include: Brody McDonald, Deke Sharon, Alex Phan, Ben Spalding, Kari Francis, Kurt Zimmerman, Brianne Holland, D.W. Routte, Anna Townsend, Matt Smith, Mike Jankowski, Hannah Juliano, Christopher Diaz and Nick Girard. Both college and graduate credit is available
Next Camp: June 17-22 for Pros and Adults, June 23-28 for Teens and High School Directors

Soup to Nuts

Location: San Francisco, CA
What they offer: This 5-day camp is an intense, immersive look at a cappella recording. You will learn the recording process from planning, to arranging, to mixing, to mastering, and selling your album. Attendees have traveled from as far away as Norway and Australia to learn from these masters. This is said to be the best investment you can make if you aspire to a career in a cappella music production.
Instructors: Deke Sharon, Bill Hare
Next Camp: TBA

Harmony University
Location: Varies
What they offer: Are you interested in barbershop? Check out Harmony University. They offer Harmony College, Directors College, Quartet College and many other classes and choruses to get you excited about this timeless style of a cappella singing. You’ll also have the opportunity to share the stage with fellow Univeristy-goers and award-winning barbershop quartets.
Instructors include: Joe Cerutti, Kirk Young, Don Campbell, Rob Mance, Lou Perry, Joe Liles, Dave Stevens, Jim Henry, David Wright, Val Hicks and “many, many more.”
Next Camp: Unannounced; last Harmony University was July 28 - August 4, 3013

ReMix Vocal Academy
Location: Provo, UT
What they offer: ReMix welcomes 13-25 year olds to audition for 6 days of “vocal camp designed to teach and inspire talented singers to further reach their potential in contemporary vocal music.” You’ll be split into teams that will learn songs together and will perform at the Vocal ReMix Concerts at the end of camp. You’ll also be able to attend classes on a wide variety of topics ranging from beatboxing to vocal arranging.
Instructors include: McKay Crockett, Keith Evans, Steve Koplin
Next Camp: July 7-12

A Cappella Academy

Location: Los Angeles, CA   
What they offer: Self-described as the “Hogwarts of A Cappella,” this new camp promises to pack a big aca-punch for current high school students. You’ll perform with your small and large ensembles, take electives, have individual practice time, and to top it all off, your artists in residence will be none other than Pentatonix.
Instructors include: Avi Kaplan, Ben Bram, Rob Dietz, Tom Keyes, Diana Geleano, Hannah Juliano, Shams Ahmed
Next Camp: July 5-13

Smart Mouth
Location: Washington, DC Metro Area, Herndon, VA
What they offer: Snowday’s 2-day, intensive mini-camp includes lots of workshopping, coaching, and a concert at the end for friends, family, guests, and the public. Smart Mouth is perfect for 6-12th graders who want a taste of the basics and instruction from the best, and most fun people in the biz.
Instructors include: Snowday Vocal Band: Amanda Cornaglia, Johanna Horn, Ward Ferguson, Charlie Friday, Chris Abramson
Next Camp: Summer 2014

ProMusic Summer Camp
Location: Tiffin, OH
What they offer: If you’re interested in a cappella and more, this camp is for you. High school students, college students, music educators, and amateur and professional musicians can learn about many styles of singing, songwriting, studio production, viral video production and much more. They even offer instrument lessons if you’re into that sort of thing.
Instructors include: J Rawls, Jeanette Berry, Justin Binek, Brad Rees, Christopher Venesile, TonyC, LethalFX
Next Camp: June 15-19

This list is not comprehensive. Let us and your fellow readers know what other great a cappella camps are out there in the comments below, and we'll add to the list.

About the writer:
Carrie Leonard has been singing her entire life, but her love for a cappella began in 7th grade when a group from Yale came to perform at her middle school. Years later, she steadfastly refused to apply to any universities without an a cappella presence, eventually deciding on Georgia Tech. There she became a member, and eventually President and Business manager of Georgia Tech's mixed group, Infinite Harmony. She also majored in Business Administration, specializing in Social Media Marketing (but that's just her day job).

Upon graduation, Carrie founded Atlanta-based vocal band Catatonic, and continues to arrange and perform with them in and around the Atlanta area. Carrie joined the CASA team in 2013 as Festivals Bookkeeper and has since taken on the role of Program Manager of Social Media and Communications.