HomeBOSS and CARAs Bring Nominated Singers From Around The Globe

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The CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) have been around since 1992, honoring the best in recorded vocal music world-wide. But it wasn't until the first BOSS in 2012 that the CARAs were ever presented live, with an honest-to-goodness red carpet, and dressed-to-the-nines attendees. In those intervening years, interest has grown, and more CARA nominees from outside of the US - and inside - have made the trip to Boston to be part of the ceremony, and to join in the BOSS festivities. This year (April 11-13) we already know of singers who will be coming from Israel, Africa, Sweden, and Finland. Those places are not close to Boston, y'all!

Tuukka Haapaniemi, from Club For Five (Finland), whose Christmas album "Jouluna" is nominated in three categories, says, "For many years now we've been following the CARA awards, and were thrilled to see that it is growing alongside with the interest in music done a cappella. We were actually very close to participating in last year's BOSS, because one of our singers was in New York at the same time. But we didn't. So this year we decided to join the celebration."

Three members of Namibia's VMSIX are coming, as they are nominated for 2 CARAs, so, encouraged by ambassador Tone Siwela (thanks, Tone!), they decided to join the party. Turns out they cover some Rockapella tunes, they're looking forward to hearing them live, and they also run their own festival (Namibia International A Cappella Festival), so BOSS will serve as sort of a cultural aca-exchange.

The whole of Swedish group Pros & Cons (2 CARA noms) are coming to BOSS. Member Joel Bexelius says: "We are really looking forward to meeting a lot of new American friends and contacts within a cappella music. We are also, of course, looking forward to going to the CARA's and watching the headliners, Rockapella and The Rainbows at the Saturday concert. And last but not least, we're really looking forward to seeing Bill Hare who co-produced, mixed and mastered both our Safe & Sound album and our Christmas single O Come, O Come Emmanuel. We owe him a couple of drinks."

So, as if BOSS didn't offer enough on its own, it now boasts international flava! Join us!