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After a year or so milling in the idea of forming a group, it is coming to the point where I must decide if I am going to give it a go. Despite knowing there are resources out there in cyber-land, I see the map of where groups are and think, “huh. I’m in the geographic center of a big blank spot, can I do this on my own?”

Some back ground on this quandary:

I studied voice in college and have a background in classical singing, opera, madrigal, choral art song, and a little bit of musical theater. I’ve never listened to much pop or contemporary music. In high school I was in varsity choir, but I wasn’t in the “select” or “Vocal Jazz” groups. It wasn’t my thing, at least I didn’t think it could be.

Early last year a friend invited me to come to a men’s chorus rehearsal. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I accidently became a barbershopper. I love the style and I have a lot of fun singing it, but sometimes it is a little restrictive. Partially, it is restrictive because the nature of the style and the content expectations, but mostly because I’m much younger and want to explore newer music and the group I’m in is restrictive.

I want to step up and give it a go. I want to build something. I want to bring people together. It’s scary. It seems too easy to fail and too hard to build the momentum without other people pushing. Can I find people that want to go the same direction I do? Can I build a culture for the music where one doesn’t exist? Will there ever be demand? How can jump start something that I don’t feel qualified to lead?