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Hello everyone.

Please read carefully, this is a request of help finding a good and serious group in Boston who wants to win next years CARAs with me.

I'm looking for a college a cappella group in the Boston area to produce. 
I can offer this service for free as I work mostly out of a home studio (though with very high quality gear, e.g. ProTools 8, Neumann, AKG, Focusrite, Waves... a lot more). 

My goal is to make a great album to send for reviews and awards. 
We'll have all the time we need to record a perfect album without any restrictions. 
Please send me audio samples from previous recordings and/or a live performance for review. 

No limitations to the size of the group or the length of the songs. 

Contact me at baslotto @ gmail . com 

PS: I don't want any money and you can do anything you want with your album. 
I only want to win awards and see my name next to them! :D 
It's gonna be a lot of fun! 
Thank you for reading.