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So the group I'm forming is rolling steadily towards completion but I still desperately need a full-time VP to complete my set.  The one Mr. Tim tried to ship to me got lost in the mail somehow so I'm still without (I hope he poked holes in the box like I recommended).

Any one interested or know someone who might be interested, look my way please!!




Did you know that there is a SONOS a cappella group in socal?



Yeah, I did....

I found them a while after I came up with the name.  I should have searched the Acapedia sooner.  :P

I've always called "Sono" a "working title", mostly because I didn't know how it would appeal to me down the road, or anyone else in the group.  Finding that Sonos was not only out there but apparently very active made ditching the name that much more likely.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me though.  And I'm sorry we lost that VP.  He was a good guy.  Maybe he got lucky and some nice southern family thought he came from the stork and they adopted him.

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