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So next Tuesday is the full audition for my group and I wanted to let the CASA.org community chime in on their experiences or ideas on the audition process.

A quick insert; personalities were assessed at my informational meetings...one of the big reaons for having them was to get an idea of who I would be seeing.  To that end, Facebook has helped out as well.

As of right now the auditionees are going to sing a few bars of both a contemporary ballad and upbeat so we can get an idea of their instrument, then they have downloaded part of a chart and mp3 tracks to see how they do on self-study with about a week to do it (a big part of the group will be self-study inbetween rehearsals).  Then I am going to do a little "off the cuff" harmonizing just to get an idea of people's ears.  All of this is being done in front of the others to see how they would do in a room full of far more critical people than your average audience.

That's the basics...any stories of what worked or didn't work for you, or thoughts about this?


A few words of advice

I was gonna recommend that you do at least over the phone interviews with them laying out specific expectations and getting a feel for who they are. This helps in thinning down the herd a bit so that you are seeing only the best candidates for your group.

I would experiement with different combinations of people singing part of or all of an arrangement so you can find the best mix.


It sounds like you have a good plan going into the audition. One thing though, expect no shows and expect to be let down.  I'm not saying to go into it with a negative attitude, just have realistic expectations for these candidates.

Don't feel like you have to take the first batch of people just because they showed up and were kind of what you were looking for so they'll do. It's always best to get as close to exactly what you want going in because having to as someone to leave the group sucks and replacing them sucks worse especially if you have any kind of momentum going. That is a sure fired momentum killer for a group. Trust me.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. I'm actually enjoying going through the process with you step by step. It's very interesting to me.


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