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While Griffon4/Tom is holding general auditions in the OC, south of LA--- we are looking for a bass in the greater Los Angeles area

Evolution was (or I suppose technically still is) the 2009 LA Regional Harmony Sweepstakes winner. We've got a few concerts scheduled in the upcoming months, and a recurring monthly gig in Santa Monica so rapid learning/reading music is certainly a boon.

About Evolution:
We're a six-man group; Three of us are Ithacappella graduates (two helped found 'em, for Pete's sake); we're focusing on building several marketable sets for a variety of potential clients; we have been known to do a little doo-wop, but have tweaked them to function in the contemporary setting; one of us lives with Black Widows and does not fear them; Evo-meetings (two-a-week) are split between the Hollywood area and Sherman Oaks.

About You:
Sing low... we're not necessarily talking V.O.G. ("Voice Of Gabe", this guy I knew in Boston), but we're not counting out V.O.G.'s either!; As before- a quick and solid learner, gigs are on the books. Relaxed-professionalism is the key.

What To Do:
Email us at evolutionsings - at - gmail.com with the following:
A) A list of some of your performance history, both pop a cappella and choral if you've got it.
2) What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
III) Your 2 favorite songs you remember singing (either solo or as "background").
E) Send an mp3 of you performing, produced and/or raw.
¿) And lastly, include the last movie you saw that you really, really liked. Me personally, it was Star Trek.


Good luck guys!

I expect there to be no downtime so this had better get done quickly.  I haven't seen Evo sing in a while now and I will replace you as #1 Favorite at the drop of a low C.



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