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CASA's A Cappella Originals Podcast brings you the best in all-original all-vocal music every month.

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Episode 11:
Mister Tim highlights the music of Cadence, the Virginia Sil'hooettes, moosebutter, the House Jacks, and spiralmouth, and interviews CASA President Dave Brown.

Episode 10:
Mister Tim highlights Duwende's new album Collective, along with an interview with Ed Chung and Morgan Phillips.

Episode 9:
Guest host Tony Huerta of Sonic Audio Productions subs for Mister Tim, who is hampered with a throat nasty. Highlighting the Colorado Acappella Vocal Conference, and featuring the music of Four Shadow, Groove Society, moosebutter, spiralmouth, the House Jacks, and Eclipse.

Episode 8:
Preview of A Cappellastock 2007, highlighting the music of Duwende, T Minus 5, and Toxic Audio; also Five O'Clock Shadow, Four Shadow, The Real Group, and MAUF.

Episode 7:
celebrates the podcast's first birthday, and highlights the music of The House Jacks, Vote for Pedro, Duwende, Timothy Young, The Exboyfriends, and introducing "A Cappella Summer Movie Views"!!!

Episode 6:
Highlights the music of Eclipse, Mauf, maybebop, Plumbers of Rome, Cadence, Ascending Height, and spiralmouth, and includes and songwriter interview with Robert Dietz.

Episode 5:
Tim Jones hosting- highlights the music of Cadence, Duwende, The House Jacks, Marcoux Corner, Vote For Pedro, and Toxic Audio.

Episode 4:
Highlights the music of Vote For Pedro, spiralmouth, moosebutter, and the House Jacks, and includes an interview with Deke Sharon.

Episode 3:
Highlights the music of Chapter 6, Cadence, Five O'Clock Shadow, and the House Jacks, and includes an interview with Wes Carroll.

Episode 2:
Highlights the A Cappella Originals mp3 Library, the music of Blue Jupiter, Toxic Audio, the Exboyfriends, and S.T.C., and includes an interview with Tat Tong.

Episode 1:
Highlights the 2006 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs).