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It's been a busy 5 months since I started Frequency, not only with the group but also personally at times.  I managed to steal away from real life long enough to enjoy SoJam 2009 and am now writing on the eve of the Los Angeles A cappella Festival 2010.

Year two of the festival is also year two for me, and I am blogging primarily to point out that the idea that became Frequency was born at this Festival a year ago.  And it's certainly satisfying that I am bringing that group with me this year, both to participate in a Masterclass (with CASA President Julia Hoffman, no less...ACK!) and the lunchtime showcase.  The latter honor I'm guessing is because I am a CASA League group and CASA goes out of it's way to promote the League...so if you're a post-collegiate group reading this and you don't have the profile of an mpact or Sonos, join the League!  :)

Many thanks have been given and should continue to be given to people who helped this idea, from germination to fruition:  Mister Tim, who was the first person I mentioned that I might form a group (if I couldn't find one) and has been very encouraging along the way; Deke, who is so incredibly supportive of this community and of a guy who keeps asking inane questions via email; the members of Evolution, SoundStage, Down 4 the Count, and Vocal Magic who have nurtured this dream along the way in various ways; the members of Frequency, who gave the dream it's voice; and my tirelessly supportive wife, Angie, who has made all of this possible, start-to-present.

I'm a bit nervous putting this group up in front of not only an audience of AcaHeads tomorrow, but also Julia herself, who's always given me the impression of a no-nonsense kind of person.  But outside critiques are what we need to grow and I'm hopeful that the masterclass will give us those tools.  We're not as strong as I hoped we would be at this point but I realize that I have a critical ear and I'm hoping there will be a little outside encouragement as well.  :)

To everyone that will be there tomorrow, I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again!  This community energizes me, gives me strength, feeds my passion for this music, and focuses my thoughts like nothing else.  I will warn you though....

I am a hugger.  ;)

See you around UCLA!


AND also...

I don't want to forget to thank Kari Francis of the UCSD DOTs!  She's my VP sub for the LA-AF.  Appropriate since I first met Kari at last year's LA-AF.

So any of you VPs looking for a group after college....Frequency is still looking for you!  :) 

good luck today!

Wish I could be there to hear your CASA "debut"!  Knock em dead :)

It was great to see you

It was great to see you again!!

--Dave Brown

now: Mouth Off host | ICCA & CARA Judge

then: CASA president, CASAcademy director, CASA Bd of Directors | BYU Vocal Point | Noteworthy co-foun

I just read this now and am

I just read this now and am highly amused that you think of me as a no-nonsense person! I'm around 50% nonsense.

Your group was fabulous and you should be very proud! Glad to see you again and looking forward to seeing you at the next aca-event :-)


President, Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA) Director, CARA and ACA awards Exec Producer, SING Compilation Judge, ICCA, SoJam, etc. West Producer, ICCA 2003-2005 Stanford Harmonics 1999-2003

Public recant....

Let me just say for the record and as a follow up that not only was I WRONG about you, but I truly think that having you as the adjudicator was the best outcome I could have had and I would not change it if I could.  There was no doubt that you would know what you're talking about and I think that was part of the pressure, but your comments to us were so helpful and clear that I felt great about the class and what we got out of it.  Thank you again!

And to anyone else reading this, I highly recommend the Masterclasses at your local CASA-sponsored festival.  Having outside and knowledgable perspective is so important to being able to see clearly what your ultimate goal should be--what your audience sees.  And anyone intimidated by the lofty position or alphabet soup that tends to follow the resumes of the CASA people should be comforted by the love of the music they have and their desire to help groups.  I personally heard Julia agree to help another group, unscheduled, in the free time between the last class and and the concert.  To me, that speaks volumes about someone. (Please don't use this as evidence that you should bug people in their free time!!!)

As for the rest of the Festival I can't say enough good about it.  Ross has done an excellent job of putting this together for two years and for people who are like me and can't spend enough time in this community, it's impossible to be disappointed.  This year's went by too fast for me, partially because I was just at SoJam (3 days vs. 1 day) and partially because I seemed to spend a lot of time this year preparing my own group instead of just watching others and absorbing, but I don't regret that either.  My time with Frequency here will be cherished.

...and it was just so darn nice to see so many friends all in one place again!  Looking forward to the next one!!

Frequency at Harmony Sweeps in LA?  Stay tuned............

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