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Local mixed sextet Red Harmony is looking for an Alto!

Our new member would ideally possess the following:
* Experience singing complex vocal harmonies, one on a part.
* Experience singing solos in many different styles of music (most importantly, pop and jazz).
* Experience performing vocal percussion lines is a plus!
* Ability to read music (sight reading skills are preferred but not required as long as you can learn music fast).
* Arranging or composition skills a plus.
* College-level musical training is preferred.
* A flexible schedule for rehearsals and performances.

We are looking for another talented, fun-loving individual to join our ensemble. To start out, you'd be joining us on a part-time basis, filling for one of our altos, as needed, as she will be preparing for grad school auditions in the next few months. You would take over her spot permanently after she moves away in the summer.

We meet every Wednesday in Sherman Oaks, with occasional extra rehearsals when a performance is near. We have had a few paid gigs, and our intention is to continue in that direction; however, our main goal is to have fun and sing beautiful music that is both challenging and entertaining. We are all friends and spend time together outside of rehearsals and performances. Someone who is not only interested in making awesome, professional-sounding music, but also in making new friends, would be a great addition to the group.

If you are interested in auditioning, please send an email, including a head shot, detailing your qualifications, background, and any links to clips or other relevant online content about you to Nate George at jazzsinger1482@gmail.com.

To learn more about Red Harmony, visit our website at: