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Since auditions have been announced for Sing-Off season two, I've been answering a bunch of questions via phone, IM, facebook and email. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, in case you were wondering the same thing:

Q: "We have more than 12 people. Should we still audition?" 

A: Absolutely! I'm telling everyone the same thing: make everyone fall in love with your group, and then we'll work everything out. Last year the max was 10 and the Bubs pushed it to 12. Anything can happen. 

Q: "Can I audition as a part of more than one group?" 

A: Absolutely! Already happened last year. Of course you can only be on the show in one group, but you shouldn't worry about that yet. Audition with your groups and see what happens. And if you end up being in two finalist groups you'll have bragging rights for the rest of your life! 

Q: "We didn't win the ICCAs... should we audition anyway?" 

A: Absolutely! Television is a very different animal, and we're not looking for just one college group, or just one group of any kind. We want variety, and we're also looking at a show where each group sings for no longer than 90 seconds. Very different. 

Q: "Do we have to fly ourselves to LA for the show and pay for our own hotel?" 

A: No, no, no! The show flies you in, pays you a stipend and a daily per-diem for meals etc., puts you up in a nice hotel (last year was the Marriott), and drives you everywhere. You will want for nothing (other than occasionally sleep!) 

Q: "We auditioned last year but didn't get in. Should we bother auditioning again?" 

A: Absolutely! Everyone involved in the show knows much more about a cappella this year, and is looking for some different things. Plus, I'll be there and can help out if you have questions, problems, etc. in hopes that it makes it easier for your group to shine. 

Q: "I'm still not sure if we should audition. What should we do?" 

A: Drop me a line with any questions - general or personal - via email, or post below - and I'll do my best to answer them. 


High School Groups?

Yes, high school groups should also audition, even though the stated cutoff is age 18. A younger group is a possibility. 

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com

When do groups need to be in LA?

The show will be taping in August (mostly). The 3 final groups will return for the live finale in December. 

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com

Hello Deke, thank you for

Hello Deke, thank you for your post! Is it a problem if one or two people in our group cannot make the auditions?  In other words, do you need everyone who would end up being on the show to be at the audition?

I believe it's possible for

I believe it's possible for one or two people (if it's a large group) to miss the audition for a good reason and still be on the show. Call the casting dept and let them know the situation, you'll find them very helpful.

- Deke Sharon • 800.579.9305 • http://www.dekesharon.com


My wife works for Oxygen, which is an NBC-Universal channel, and as such I'm disqualified from auditioning.  To say that this is frustrating is an understatement.  Deke, can we get the show moved to Fox or something?

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