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1. You randomly burst into catchy bass riffs from popular songs.

2. You have trouble holding a conversation, because your voice is so sub-sonic the person next to has a hard time hearing you.

3. You know "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" by heart.

4. You can beat a piano going down

5. You constantly find yourself singing either Do, Fa, or Sol.

6. Your falsetto starts at A below middle C.

7. Words in a song are a foreign concept to you. (ahem: unless you sing barbershop :-))

8. E-flats's are your best friends

9. You don't consider "Bass 1's" to be "real basses"

10. You have hair in places it normally shouldn't be

This is what I have so far. Send me some suggestions if you want to add to this list. Also considering making a High Tenor version.

Yes, I am an acappella bass.


Some additions from an a cappella soprano...

11.  Your director tells you to be quieter on those E flats instead of requesting that you bring them out.

Rachel Ann : A'caphiliac

I'm sorry but #4 made me

I'm sorry but #4 made me chuckle a little.

number 9 is hilarious, being

number 9 is hilarious, being a bass 1 i hear this all the time

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