Lessons Learned: A CAL Retrospective

2011 marks the 5th anniversary of Euphonism, the CAL group, that I helped start with Amanda Aldag and 3 other aca-fic

Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: Euphonism

Introduction: As CASA and the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) continue to grow, so does the group Euphonism.

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Where the Songs Have No Gear: A Cappella U2

U2 SEEMS LIKE a group whose music would not work without instruments; the Edge's guitar playing is such a distinctive part of their sound that it seems foolhardy to cover a U2 song without it. Still, the songs of this Irish quartet are a favorite among a cappella groups, and of those who have attempted covers, many have pulled off the effort successfully. They might not have Bono's striking and dramatic individual voice, but collectively these singers create the sweetest thing.