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Audition Tips For Season 5 of The Sing-Off!

Auditions for Season 5 of The Sing-Off are underway!  

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An Interview With Deke Sharon on "The Sing-Off"

Deke Sharon, or the aca-papa as I call him, musically directed Pitch Perfect, produces The Sing-Off, and started the very website/organization you’re currently reading.

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Recording Review: Northwestern Undertones' "Rock Paper Shotgun"

It's funny how things play out. I've been thinking a lot about pure vocal sounds versus imitative instrumental vocal sounds as well as live versus produced a cappella lately.

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New Camp Alert: Creative Vocal Lab and Choral Conservatory

A Cappella Learnin' is on the rise as more people seek to be involved at various levels from high school (or earlier!) to pro. Camps and seminars and classes are popping up all over.

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Recording Review: amarcord's "Coming Home for Christmas"

amarcord, of Leipzig, Germany was amalgamated in 1992 by former members of the St.