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Vocal Percussionist Looking for a Group

My name is Gabriel Kennedy. I am a beatboxer/vocal percussionist, guitar player, singer(once upon a time), and spoken word artist. I've done a couple of T.V.

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Interview With Rockapella's Jeff Thacher

New CD, the Future of Vocal percussion, and Food References! 

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Undivided - Breaking the Mold

It has been 10 years since we came to light. A group of guys from different countries that shared their love and passion for both a cappella and inspirational music. featureimage: 

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SoCal (OC) pop a cappella group forming still needs a VOCAL PERCUSSIONIST

So the group I'm forming is rolling steadily towards completion but I still desperately need a full-time VP to complete my set.  The one Mr. Tim tried to ship to me got lost in the mail somehow so I'm still without (I hope he poked holes in the box like I recommended). Any one interested or know someone who might be interested, look my way please!! http://www.wearesono.com