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2009 Collegiate A Cappella Shortlists

 Every year the competition to win a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) becomes tougher.

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CASA Announces Merger with AACI

For Immediate Release -- Saturday, January 30, 2009 The Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA) is pleased to announce that, as of January 2009, it has merged with the Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives (AACI). featureimage: 

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2009 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award Nominees

The following are the nominees for the 2009 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards. Congratulations to all who participated and good luck to the nominees!

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SoCal A Cappella Update

Your CASA ambassadors for southern California provide the latest news and updates on events happening in the a cappella community in that area, including auditions, competitions, shows, and the Los Angeles A cappella Festival. Check it out! Newsletter for Thursday January 15, 2009 2009 starts with a bang! Festivals, competitions, reading sessions, concerts, auditions: read the whole newsletter: to quote Fats Waller, "This Joint Is Jumpin'!"   A CHORAL TASTE OF LOS ANGELES

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A Quick Note About the East Coast Summit

Wow! I have been inundated lately with questions about the East Coast A cappella Summit. If you've written me, thank you for your email, and please allow me to briefly respond here and now... First of all, CASA is honored at the tremendous interest expressed in the summit. Our producers and army of volunteers work very hard to organize a fabulous event each year, and your continued interest in the event is a tribute to their hard work. On behalf of them, thank you. And kudos to Jonathan, Diana, Marty, Christina, and so many others past and present.