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Conga and Shake your Tailfeather open air!

vocaldente sing two Songs on the event Fête de la Musique 2012 (Stage from Musikland Niedersachsen in front of the main station Hannover).

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vocaldente - Does your chewing gum

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vocaldente - Michael Jackson Medley

For all who missed it: Our Michael Jackson Medley.

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A Day in the Life of a Harmony Sweeps Contestant

I was lucky enough this year to be in a group competing in the Harmony Sweepstakes. The Mid-Atlantic region - where my group (Tonic and Gin) competed - has been a melting pot of some of the best a cappella groups around the world, not just the U.S. Groups like Cartoon Johnny call this region home, and groups like Vocaldente, who won it all last year, have come to Alexandria, Virginia for a chance at the prize.

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Harmony Finals 2009 - A Fan's perspective

I sat on this review for about a week too long, so hopefully it will still find curious eyes.  I was not sure what I wanted to say about the experience as this was my first time watching the Finals but my second review of a Harmony Sweepstakes show.  I feel it pointless to say "this group was great", "this group was fantastic", etc.