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Help the Eldred Key Elements to fund their 1st Ever Album on Kickstarter!

Eldred is a small community in Sullivan County in New York State. The school district has less than 700 students in K-12. The Key Elements is a dedicated group of students in grades 7-12. featureimage: 

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My friend and I have been desparate to start an a cappella group with our friends, but we need major help. We have no clue how to do this sort of stuff. Can anyone reccomend a good, relativly simple peice to start out with? Any good hints, tips, or tricks for practicing? Any answers or just stuff in general is greatly appreciated.

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Roots: Where You Began

Deke's last post on professional groups and community involvment struck a chord with me, enough to strike up another subject I haven't read about in a while. So you are a sophomore, at a small private college, somehere out in the country - in the middle of nowhere. Your group has campus performances and occasionally visits the nearby university as a guest group. You are low on exposure, but talent is one thing you are not lacking. Your entusiasm and drive are being tested. What do you do?