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Sing-Off Audition FAQ

Since auditions have been announced for Sing-Off season two, I've been answering a bunch of questions via

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How To Audition For "The Sing-Off"

Last year, NBC gambled on a reality show about contemporary a cappella and it paid off: "The Sing-Off" was the highest rated new unscripted show on television last year.

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LA-Regional Harmony Sweeps Results

Just a quick note that Frequency participated in the Los Angeles Harmony Sweeps last night and had a GREAT time!  What an amazing group of competitors.  A huge congratulations the the LA

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Vocal Guitar Noise :: technical analysis of the Crap-tastic and the ideal

You've heard it.  Naturally 7's Jamal Reed pulls it off.  Juuust about everybody else sounds mediocre.  Some people just sound dumb.