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Birth announcement....

A quick aside from the magician/a cappella throwdown going on next door.... We went into labor Tuesday night and after a long, sometimes arduous process, at 1:21pm PST today, "Sono" was born.  "Sono" weighs in at 6 members, 1 VP and is a balanced mix of boy and girl aged 21 to 36.  In the next few weeks a real name will be announced and the fun part of raising this little group to be the next CASA League performing group will begin! Please send all congratulatory gifts in the form of cash to my attention.

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All Your Bass Are Belong To Us --- Audition Opportunity in LA

While Griffon4/Tom is holding general auditions in the OC, south of LA--- we are looking for a bass in the greater Los Angeles area Evolution was (or I suppose technically still is) the 2009 LA Regional Harmony Sweepstakes winner. We've got a few concerts scheduled in the upcoming months, and a recurring monthly gig in Santa Monica so rapid learning/reading music is certainly a boon.

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Audition tips or thoughts?

So next Tuesday is the full audition for my group and I wanted to let the community chime in on their experiences or ideas on the audition process. A quick insert; personalities were assessed at my informational of the big reaons for having them was to get an idea of who I would be seeing.  To that end, Facebook has helped out as well.

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SoCal (OC) pop a cappella group forming still needs a VOCAL PERCUSSIONIST

So the group I'm forming is rolling steadily towards completion but I still desperately need a full-time VP to complete my set.  The one Mr. Tim tried to ship to me got lost in the mail somehow so I'm still without (I hope he poked holes in the box like I recommended). Any one interested or know someone who might be interested, look my way please!!    

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Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: DeltaCappella

Most people in Memphis, Tenn. recognize Jay Mednikow’s last name.  He’s the President of J.H. Mednikow & Co., a company that has been selling fine jewelry in Memphis for more than a century. But every Monday night, Jay turns his attention from carats to crescendos. He’s a founding member of DeltaCappella, a contemporary men’s a cappella group based in Memphis.