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a good Doo-wop song

Several weeks ago, I needed to work with a group of friends doing a cappella songs, but I'm not to

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AUDITIONS: MetropoliTones, NYC

The MetropoliTones is a NYC-based a cappella group, and we are looking for new talent.  Auditions are Saturday, February 4th in Manhattan, and are open to alumnae of the Seven Sisters col featureimage: 

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The Next Steps

This is it. Well, was it. The big year many of us had been waiting for since... forever.

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Say Something

I'm not one to avoid a tasty foot in my mouth, so I was not surprised when the following statement in the first

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How SoJam Rekindled My Fire

The weekend of November 11-13, 2011 is a special one that I’ll never forget. Why? Well, for starters, It was my very first time experiencing SoJam first-hand.